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Commercial Property

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Commercial Property, Leveraged Correctly

The Richmond Taylor Group specializes in helping our clients increase cash flow and earning potential by reducing their federal and state income tax burden. To do this, we employ a method of depreciating commercial property known as Cost Segregation.  Cost Segregation is an engineering based accounting method for separating a buildings components into shorter depreciating class lives, resulting in substantial increases in available depreciation on the property. Our team of engineers and accountants work directly with you an your CPA to ensure you're getting the most out of your commercial property investments.

"Understanding depreciation as it pertains to commercial property is essential for any investor who wants to maximize their earning and investment potential." - Richmond Stecker

Co-Founders Richmond Stecker and Taylor Emry founded the Richmond Taylor Group to provide clients with a company that focuses purely on Cost Segregation. We believe that if a company tries to do too many things, they end up doing none of them well. That's why, our number one priority is providing our clients with the highest quality Cost Segregation Studies in the industry. 

Give us a call, and find out what savings we can uncover for you!

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